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Chabab - The God Who Hides Us

Deep in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy is a Bible verse that tells us more about God than most of us can ever take in. Here is that verse and why it is so special:

Deuteronomy 33:3
“Indeed, He loves the people; all Your holy ones are in Your hand.”

Now, that seems pretty standard, right? God loves the people. We have heard this before and that statement is made again in many other places, so what makes this verse so special?

The word for love in this passage is different than in other verses. The Hebrew word “chabab” is unique. It means “to hide” and this is the only place it is found in the entire Bible.

Chabab is derived from the Hebrew word for bosom. It means to embrace or to “hide in your bosom.” It is a picture of a God who loves His people so much that He wants to take them up in His arms and hug them so tightly that they are warmed and protected by their intense nearness to Him.

This might be the most personal and loving words ever spoken about God. The Aramaic language uses this same word to describe the kindling of a fire or a mother embracing her child.

So, now that we know that this word depicts God taking His people and hiding them close to Himself, let’s read these words of James with a new understanding:

James 4:8
“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.“

Does this change the way you see God? Because it should. God wants you to come near to Him so that He can “hide” you as a mother embraces her child. The God we worship and serve is a God who hides His people in His arms. He is a God that wants a close and personal relationship with His creation.

God IS love, and that means that He wants more from you than an occasional hello, a casual kind thought or a well intentioned but rarely vocalized prayer. God wants you. All of you. He made you for that very purpose.

That should make a difference in how you approach your day, today, shouldn’t it?