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Faithful (by Tim Klink of Prison Discipleship Ministry)

Genesis 6:14 

Make thee an ark…”

The account of Noah, and the huge building project God assigned to him is found in Genesis 6. Most people reading this are familiar with how God revealed to Noah that He would destroy all mankind for their wickedness by causing it to rain, flooding the earth. The account shows many different things that are amazing, but the one that stands out above all others is Noah’s faithfulness to what God told him.

Noah made a definite decision to obey God's Word in every detail, even though he had no clue what God was talking about in many areas.

“What’s an ark?”

“What is rain?”

“How am I going to get all of those animals to go into the ark, and how am I going to limit them to just two?”

“Where am I going to get enough food for all of them?”

“What if my family doesn’t believe me, and doesn’t come into the ark?”

I’m sure all of these thoughts came into Noah’s mind, but they are not recorded for us because they are not relevant to what God had commanded.

One can only imagine the ridicule that Noah experienced as he labored away for 120 years. His ark was probably referred to as “Noah’s folly,” and he was thought to be somewhat eccentric by most. But, Noah labored on simply because God told him to!

Then that marvelous day came when water began falling from the sky. One can only imagine the terror that those who had mocked Noah must have felt. As the waters began to rise, screams of those outside of the ark must have bothered Noah, and his compassion to let them in must have been so great that God is the One who had to shut the door. After all of the years of mocking, suddenly there was only the sound of the rain. God's Word had been fulfilled, and Noah and his family were the only ones left to witness God’s everlasting glory.

The noise of the world today wants to do everything possible to get our eyes off of what God has revealed as truth. There is a judgment coming. There is an end to all of the wickedness and evil. There is an Ark in which we can find safety – Jesus Christ!

Don’t get sidetracked; the end is sure.

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