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Good News! Jesus Is Our Peace!

You never know where you’re going to find yourself when you serve God. As a preacher, I spend a lot of my time in churches with other Christians. Church is a really peaceful place and I enjoy that aspect of it. But, I also find myself in prisons, jails, hospitals, homeless shelters and rehab centers. Broken people need preachers, too.

A lot of preachers don't like going to those places. They can be dark and depressing because we are dealing with people who have hit their lowest point in lives. Things can get really nasty and complicated at the bottom. People in those places can be angry and hostile towards God.

But, that’s exactly why I like it. When people hit the bottom, they start looking at their lives. It might take a while for them to figure it out, but people don't want to be at the bottom. They want out but they don't know how to do it.

That's where a preacher comes in. Good preachers preach the Gospel. Gospel is a translation of a Greek word meaning "Good news." Who doesn't like hearing good news?

Have you ever been the one who gets to tell a broken person good news? It is so amazing to watch someone when they realize that there’s an answer for them! Being there when a person finally finds peace in their life is an unmatchable thrill.

The Gospel message is not all that complex so here is what it really means to you and me: God can fix things if you'll let Him because He loves you. The Bible verse quoted and memorized more than any other is this:

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

That is good news!! It is the Gospel in one sentence! It’s not that hard to grasp. Share it with someone who needs to hear it. You probably don’t know this yet, but they are waiting-even hoping-for someone to bring them good news.

Romans 10:15

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”