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Just Call

The following was written by Tim Clink of Prison Discipleship Ministry

Romans 10:13 
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

The first thing we need to take note of is the word “whosoever.” This is one of the places where man wants to complicate things. The word “whosoever” means any one; no requirements, no restrictions, no standards of behavior.

Whosoever means any person that has ever lived upon this earth throughout all times. Almost immediately our minds think about some of the most vicious and cruel men that have ever lived. Men like Adolf Hitler who was the person responsible for the slaughter of over six million Jews during world war two. Is he included in “whosoever?”


“But you don’t know what I have done. Am I included also?”


Did you notice in the verse that there are no qualifiers to the word “whosoever?” It truly means everyone.

The next word is the only condition to receiving the salvation that God is offering through Jesus Christ. It is the word “shall.” That is an action word, and requires a response, or action, from you. You can do all kinds of things to try to impress God, but if you fail to call upon the name of the Lord, you will have completely missed what God is offering.

So, what is it that you are to take action in doing? The word “call” means to communicate with someone. Most everyone has a cell phone today, and among all of the things these amazing instruments do is actually make a call. I remember my first cell phone, and it’s one and only function; it made a phone call. I just got my first Smart Phone and I have spent the last month trying to learn all of the really cool stuff it does, and it still makes a phone call! God doesn’t want you to be so amazed with all of the great things in His Word that you forget the one basic thing; to call upon Him.

Luke 18:1 
“… men ought always to pray.”

Remember, God knows all things, and He already knows your heart. He knows everything that you have done, and the motives you had in doing them. He wants you to call upon Him so that you recognize that He is there, and that He loves you unconditionally.

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