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Just Pray

Just Pray (Written by Tim Klink of Prison Discipleship Ministry)

Isaiah 43:26
“Put me in remembrance: let us plead together.”

Too often we have a false picture of God in heaven who is so busy running the entire universe, and listening to all of the millions of other people as they pray to Him, that when we come to Him we are bothering Him. That thought does not come from God, but from the one who desires to keep us from God’s presence. It grieves God when we fail to desire His presence in prayer.

We often see this same principle in our own children as they grow into their teen years. Their desire is to be with their friends more than their parents, and it hurts to know that as a parent we are the ones who love them unconditionally, and provide for them all that they need.

However, how quickly they turn to us instead of their friends when trouble comes. It is the same with our relationship with God when we fail to communicate with Him. None of us like to be used by others, particularly by those of our own family, for someone else's personal gain. Neither does God. But what a joy it is when others enter into fellowship with us because they wish to spend time with us simply because of who we are.

The world is filled with much evil, and it is easy to be overtaken with it. If the devil were to ring your doorbell one day and introduce himself, and that he has come to take control of your life and totally ruin it, you would slam and l