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(The following was written by Tim Klink, founder of Prison Discipleship Ministry)

Does God make promises to man? Absolutely! Does God ever break any of His promises? Never! When God promises something, it is a done deal; it will happen exactly as He said it would. We see the evidence of that all around us every day.


Genesis 8:22 
While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. 


Has there ever been a twenty-four hour time in the history of the earth when the sun didn’t shine? No. It may have been hidden from our view by clouds or pollution, but above all of that, it is always there just as God promised. Have the seasons ever ceased throughout the history of the world? No, never. Well what about global warming? While that is a topic of debate, the seasons still continue. I am certainly not going out to my garden in January and plant tomatoes.


Everything that God has promised to you individually will be fulfilled completely just as God promised it. You can count on it because God has a 100% track record of keeping His Word. There are only two things that will keep you from receiving His promises. First is not knowing what they are, and second is not believing them.

The first is a matter of learning, and the second is a matter of faith. Why is it so important to know what God has promised us? Let me ask it this way; why is it so important to know what is in the presents that are under the Christmas tree with your name on them? Or, why is it important to know what is in the package that is presented to you by a loved one on your birthday? It is important because it is something that belongs to you personally, and it brings much honor to the one giving it to you as an expression of their love for you individually.