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Psalms 1:1 “The Blessed Man”

When God blesses, He pours out His blessing on those whom He loves. In Psalm 1, that is “the man.”

Who is that? For many people, this passage is talking about Jesus. Jesus was the ultimate man. Who was more blessed than our Lord Himself? It’s interesting to note that Psalms 1 and 2 can easily be taken together as a single work. In fact, the Talmud (the Old Testament text used by the rabbis) does just that. That is significant because Psalm 2 clearly is referring to Jesus.

The blessed man in Psalm 1, however, is more generic than that. The blessed man is you and me. It is every one of us, struggling to live a life that is honoring and obedient to God’s Word. The point of Psalm 1 is to teach every one of us the importance of God’s Word in our lives.