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Psalms 1:2 - “But His Delight”

If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you choose to do? How would you spend the last day of your life on earth?

How you answer that question says a lot about you. One of my favorite football players was Floyd Little. When asked what the secret of his success was, he said that every time he touched the ball, he ran like it was going to be his last. That showed his true passion.

So, how do you live your life? What’s important to you? How you would spend your last moments tells you what your greatest pleasure is. That is your deep desire, your delight.

Plato had an exercise that he used to teach his students about priorities. It works like this: Take everything you own and line them all up, side by side. Everything. All of your possessions, relationships, your job, house, family, wealth, that stick of gum in your pocket, that pair of favorite socks in your drawer, your morning cup of coffee. Yes, everything that has any value to you at all.

Now, take away whatever is least important to you. What is next? Take that away, too. Do that again and again.

As you continue, you will eventually shed yourself of all the things you can live without. But you will soon find yourself having to eliminate the stuff that means the very most to you. The decisions become harder every step of the way.

The question, says Plato, is this: “What is the last thing you would choose to hold on to after everything else is gone? What is the final thing you would cling to?”