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Psalms 1:3 - “And in whatever he does, he prospers”

Let’s just take a minute and ask an important question or two. If the tree pictured in this Psalm is you and me, what is being promised here? No withering? Prosperity in whatever we do? Does that sound like your life?

Do you feel like you prosper in everything you do? Do you always stand strong, never wavering and never withering under pressure? There is a spiritual principle in life that goes like this: God will never waste your effort. What that means to Psalms 1 is that your idea of prosperity is different than the world’s idea.

To the world, prosperity looks like a fancy house, a fast car, lots of stuff and a big bank account. To the disciple of Jesus, prosperity is completely different. Prosperity looks like an unsaved friend turning their life around, a hungry child being fed, a broken marriage being healed or a desperate parent paying their bills.

Prosperity rarely is about materialism in the Bible. Jesus taught that it is nearly impossible for the rich to enter heaven (Luke 18:24). He taught us to seek the kingdom of God before the things of earth (Mt 6:33) and to store up treasures in Heaven, not on earth (Mt 6:19-21). Why?

Matthew 6:21
“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

You see, the godly aren’t earthly minded. They put God first, seeking to please Him and bring Him glory rather than accumulating money and things. That’s why God honors them. They are on the same page with God and are working towards the same goals.

Want to be prosperous? Take a look at your motives and your goals. Who are you living for? If Christ is the answer, that is what God blesses.