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Psalms 1:3 - “Like A Tree Planted By Streams Of Water”

The image of the tree is a sure and strong picture of a godly person but what is it that makes the tree strong? It’s the deep roots and solid trunk that has been nurtured and watered over years of growth.

Just as trees are significant symbols of strength in the Bible, water represents life itself. It cleanses, cools, soothes, heals, quenches and brings growth.

The Gospel of John relates 7 miracles of Jesus that are known as The Sign Miracles. Jesus turned water into wine (2:1-11), healed a ruler’s son (4:43-54), healed a lame man (5:1-15), fed the 5000 (6:1-14), walked on water (6:16-21), cured the blind man (9:1-41) and raised Lazarus from the dead (11:1-45).

In all 7, some form of water is pointed out in a significant way. In the first two, the water into wine is mentioned, the lame man and the blind man took place next to pools, the 5000 were on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, which was also the scene of the sixth sign miracle, Jesus walking on the water.

In the last sign miracle, the water came in the form of tears. Weeping is mentioned four times there. The significance of this cannot be overlooked. Jesus wept over the death of a friend.

The signs were there for a purpose: to bring about belief. The water was used to strengthen faith. You see, water strengthens the people of God by growing and nourishing their faith. Just like a tree is strengthened by streams of water, the believer becomes stronger in their faith the more their eyes are opened to the true nature of Jesus.

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