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Seeking Spiritual Truth In A Physical World - Part 1

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the laws of physics? If you can hang in there with them, you can learn a lot about God and the world around us. The Laws of Thermodynamics help us understand life better when we apply them to what we read in the Bible.

There are principals in the spiritual realm just like there are in our physical world. I came across one of these recently when I found some notes that I wrote while listening to DA Carson preach. He was commenting on holiness when he asked, “Why is it such an effort to walk with God?”

Now, that’s an interesting thing to think about. GOD wants us to walk with Him. WE want to walk with Him. Our FRIENDS AND FAMILIES want us to walk with Him. Our CHURCHES want us to walk with Him. So, then, why is it so difficult to act that out? Here is what Carson said:

“People drift toward unholiness. Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness, prayer, obedience to scripture, faith and delight in the Lord.” -- DA Carson

So, it is our nature to seek our own way. Our standard is broken because of sin. We were created to be worshippers but we rejected God. Now we find ourselves searching everywhere for something to worship and all we find is this physical world. There’s nothing here worth worshipping but we know nothing else.

We can’t see spiritual things so we act like they aren’t there. The apostle Paul describes that process like this:

Romans 1:21-22