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Spirit (Written by David Peterson)

After His baptism in the Jordan and temptations in the wilderness, Jesus begins His public ministry in Galilee. In His “Sermon on the Mount”, His first public sermon, given on a mountain just west of Capernaum, Jesus says:

Matthew 5:3
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Also found in Luke 6:20, this first beatitude speaks to those who realize just how short they fall spiritually and how lost they are without Christ.

Pastor John MacArthur once wrote, “The kingdom of God is for the spiritually sick who want to be healed, the spiritually corrupt who want to be cleansed, the spiritually poor who want to be rich, the spiritually hungry who want to be fed, the spiritually dead who want to be made alive. It is for ungodly outcasts who long to become God’s own beloved children.”

All of this speaks to humility and those who realize their shortcomings and turn to Jesus will be blessed spiritually and will live with Him in heaven.

The noted hymn author Fanny Crosby wrote in her hymn “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit”: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, Children of the lowly one; They shall wear a crown of glory, when their work on earth is done.” Crosby rightfully addresses the realization that our spiritual impoverishment will lead to good things in heaven.

Let us pray: Gracious Jesus, we yearn to join you and become healed in spirit. Humble us in order for us to see how lost we are without you. Help us to truly realize how blessed we are by your salvation.

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