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Storge - The Love Of A Family

There is probably no type of love more important to us than the love we feel for our families. The Greeks call this storge.

Families are where we first learn to love. When a mother pours out her love on her baby, when siblings learn to help one another, when a father works to provide for his children, when the whole family eats, plays, sleeps and lives together, we all learn something about love.

It’s interesting that the Greek word storge never occurs in the Bible by itself. It only occurs as a compound word, either as an extreme negative or as an extreme positive. Paul calls the morally bankrupt cultures of the Roman Empire and of the world in the end times, “heartless and without natural affections”. It is the lack of storge that results in that condition. The loss of storge condemns the world around it. When the family falls, the nation falls.