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Who is This?

(Written by Tim Klink of Prison Discipleship Ministry)

Matthew 21:10  
And when he was come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, Who is this?

As Jesus entered Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday, the response from “all of the city” was a question that is probably the most important question anyone could ever ask. Jesus was someone like they had not seen before; not that He looked any different than any other Jewish man at that time, but the things He said, and the miracles that He did all complemented His attitude. As you read the first ten verses of Matthew 21, you see exactly who Jesus is.

In verse 1, we are told that He “drew nigh unto Jerusalem,” even though He knew fully well what awaited Him. The suffering of the mock trial, the physical abuse and torture, and the pain of the crucifixion were all necessary steps to His resurrection, which is God’s acceptance of His sacrifice for man’s sin. He could have pulled back, but He didn’t. He could have defended Himself, but He didn’t. He went to Jerusalem and what awaited Him with a resolve seldom seen in mere man.

In verses 2 and 3 He told the disciples where to find the donkey He needed to ride in on, and what the owners would say, proving that He not only knows the future, but commands it. In verses 4 and 5 He fulfilled the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9, which shows us that He knows all things past because He wrote them.

In verses 6 and 7 we read how what He told the disciples about the donkey came true exactly as He told them, proving that He commands the future for our benefit, joy, and comfort, as well as for His glory.

In verse 8, the multitude honored Him as a king as He rode into town, but they missed the fact that He is THE King. They honored Him outwardly, but not in their heart. They admitted that He was the Messiah in verse 9 by referring to Him as the Son of David, but they were only looking