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Why Do We Suffer? Part 9

There has been more than one occasion in my life when I have looked at one of my brothers or sisters in the Lord and learned by watching how they live their life. There is something special in learning from what we see in those around us. I have learned more about patience and kindness by seeing it in action than by reading or preaching about it. I often find my standards raised up to the levels of those around me, shoring up my own shortcomings.

I have learned the most from watching men and women that I look up to as they  themselves struggled with life’s twists and turns. Watching a mature believer deal with their own heartaches is a life altering lesson.

I have watched parents bury a child but continue in their faith, knowing that only God sustained them. I learned from their struggle.

I have watched godly saints go through bouts with cancer and illnesses and pray prayers of love and adoration to God that put my faith to shame. I became a better man because of the them.

God uses us to teach others in our moments of grief and pain. While He is loving and caring for us during our time of need, He uses our weakness to make others strong.

Philippians 3:17
Brethren, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us.

Tomorrow we’ll look at some practical ways to grow our own faith when we encounter our own obstacles.